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... literally a random collection of images for linking purposes ... some are funny, some are disturbed, all are owned by who ever owns them, likely not me. If your offended by anything here I invite you to not look, they don't represent my opinions anyway. Some were collected from /b/, if you know what that means then you understand, if you don't I invite you to find /b/ and come back afterwards and tell me this stuff still offends you. Of course assuming you survive the process, you may not.

in summary, if you've anything short of exceptionally thick skin, don't look. Also hotlink if you must but I'd rather you found your own hosting.

The stuff I did create (it should be really obvious what that is..)... no mocking :P. Used to doodle all the time in my note books and this just seems like the logical evolution of that. I don't claim to have any skill or talent, just the will to kill a minute as I wait for a server to boot. Seriously if people knew how much money was spent on paying expensive people to wait for Windows to install....

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